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Početna Muška roba Čizme RAKIM 27109001 black


With fashionable lacing

Tied footwear is a perfect addition to the fall and winter styling. Fashionable lacing is not only an ornament, but also a practical accessory, thanks to which the shoe fits perfectly to the foot and calf.

Fabric upper

The material upper of the shoes is responsible for the lightness of the footwear, and with proper care, it is very durable and resistant to damage. Get ready for fall and winter with timeless ankle boots.

High-quality sole

The high-quality material from which the sole of autumn-winter boots is made is characterized by durability and resistance to bad weather.

Reliable lining

The hard lining will provide you with comfort, convenience and will ensure the perfect stabilization of the feet. These shoes are not afraid of uneven surfaces or snow.

Durable footbed

The shoes have a material insert, which is characterized by excellent durability and good thermal insulation. In this model, you can successfully go to the city or for an autumn-winter walk.

Comfortable interior

The inside of the shoes is trimmed with durable material that increases the comfort of everyday use. In this model, you will want to leave the house even on the coldest days.

Natural leather - Grain leather ,

Sole: High-quality material

Sole Thickness:  3 cm

Upper circumference (smallest size): 26 cm

Ankle circumference (smallest size):  31 cm

Shoe's weight (smallest size):  480 g

Total height of the shoe:  13.5 cm


Dr. Martens
RAKIM 27109001 black
RAKIM 27109001 black 42
Veličina obuće: 42
RAKIM 27109001 black 43
Veličina obuće: 43
RAKIM 27109001 black 44
Veličina obuće: 44
RAKIM 27109001 black 45
Veličina obuće: 45
RAKIM 27109001 black 46
Veličina obuće: 46
1.129,00 kn
846,75 kn
1.129,00 kn
846,75 kn
1.129,00 kn
846,75 kn
1.129,00 kn
846,75 kn
1.129,00 kn
846,75 kn
1.129,00 kn
846,75 kn
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