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Početna Muška roba Parka jakne N3B VF 59 greyblack

The N3B VF 59 is the slim-fit version of the iconic N3B (which you can find here ). With the MA-1 VF 59, it shares the Vintage 1959 Fit. This means that the original bulkiness of the N3B has been slimmed down to make it fit snugly to your body. Other than the slightly different look, it features the same specs as the original. The parka is made of a robust flight nylon outer shell and includes nylon padding and the legendary orange lining. Flight nylon, being remarkably effective against wind and rain, is incredibly comfortable and yet sturdy enough to protect you from the whims of nature. The N3B VF 59 features a Mouton-lined hood with detachable faux fur. Four pockets offer plenty of room for storage and a flap can be buttoned across the zipper, additionally protecting your body from wind. Like the N3B, its hood can be zipped up all the way, leaving a hole for you to see through. In summary, the VF 59 parka is a great alternative to the original N3B for those who like a more fashion-oriented look.

Alpha Industries
N3B VF 59 greyblack
N3B VF 59 greyblack XXL
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1.899,00 kn
1.329,30 kn
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