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Početna Muška roba Parka jakne N3B black

This one is another Alpha evergreen. The N3B is a follow-up to the N3, a classic military parka designed for the US Air Force in 1945. About a decade later, the N3B was released to support Air Force pilots in very cold climate zones, because obviously, flying a plane is hard enough as it is, even without teeth chattering. A genuine Alpha product, the N3B parka comes with a robust flight nylon outer shell, nylon padding and lining. The materials are ideal for weather protection, so taking those street-style Instagram pics in front of derelict industrial plants and abandoned warehouses in the colder months is no longer dependent on atmospheric conditions (watch out for loose steel beams, though). The N3B features a Mouton-lined hood with detachable faux fur. Four pockets offer plenty of room for storage and a flap can be buttoned across the zipper, protecting your body from wind. In addition, the comfortable Core fit allows you to wear pretty much anything beneath it, including (but not limited to) heavy knitwear. Dubbed “Snorkel Parka” by some, the front zipper extends to the hood, enabling you to zip it up until only a small peephole remains for you to see through. And you know how the saying goes: My N3B is my castle.

Alpha Industries
N3B black
N3B black L
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1.899,00 kn
1.424,25 kn
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