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Početna Muška roba Sport corner Men's Leggings Performance black/charcoa

Technical sports leggings from the latest PIT BULL WEST COAST collection - Performance Pro plus

- Lighter and fitted structure ensuring maximum comfort during training
- Made of the highest quality polyamide fibers with the addition of elastic yarn
- A much more noble blend of fabrics than commonly available on the market
- Thermoactive and breathable thanks to which they perfectly dissipate heat from your skin, causing a pleasant feeling of coolness
- Quick-drying material helps to maintain hygiene and does not cause unpleasant odors
- The fabric with the 4-way stretch system, thanks to which it stretches in every direction without restricting movement
- Designed for all sports and all physical activities
- A line designed for people looking for products for long and hard training, both indoors and outdoors
- Thanks to the use of nylon, the products are smooth and very comfortable
- The material has been subjected to an ennobling antibacterial process that prevents the growth of microorganisms
- Flat elastic contrasting seams made with soft threads thanks to so they protect against skin abrasions
- Prints made by sublimation - indelible and durable
- MESH- type perforated fabric inserts for even better ventilation
- All logos are reflective for greater safety in poorly lit conditions
- Material composition: 45% nylon / 38% polyester / 15 % spandex

PitBull West Coast
Men's Leggings Performance black/charcoa
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