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Početna Proizvodi Muška roba Maske i marame MASK DILLARD camo grey

Pitbull Protective Mask Fight Virus Dillard Gray
The Fight Virus Mask from Pit Bull West Coast is a response to the epidemic. The mask is 2-layer, so you can breathe freely! The two-layer protective mask has been specially designed to effectively protect your health and people in the increased risk zone. The PitBull Fight Virus mask is safe in contact with the skin, does not cause irritation and provides excellent moisture management. Thanks to the Lycra piping trim, the mask fits comfortably and does not press against the ears. The mask allows washing and multiple use. The prints were made by sublimation, which guarantees their durability and prevents washing out. 

• Quick drying material for quick reuse
• Contoured construction for a better fit
• Resistant to repeated washing and ironing at 60 ° C
• Two layers allow you to breathe freely
• Lycra piping prevents the mask from pressing on the ears
• Permanent and washable print made by sublimation
• The mask is safe in contact with the skin, does not cause irritation


The mask does not provide 100% protection against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The mask is designed to limit the spread of viruses by droplets.

Pit Bull West Coast
MASK DILLARD camo grey
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