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Početna Muška roba Parka jakne Jacket PPS N3B Black/Refl.
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PPS stands for Preflight Planning System and for Patches, Print and Seams, which in turn stands for a fashionable update on an original iconic Alpha style. In this case, the N3B jacket receives a make-over. Although the original is an authentic item of military wear, it became quite popular beyond the confines of the army. Alpha still offers the original N3B; however, should you seek a more contemporary parka that still retains the functionality and comfort of original military chic, the PPS version might just be the one for you. While keeping the tech specs of the original N3B, the PPS N3B is all about contrast: the hood’s naturally colored Mouton and straps contrast sharply with the base color of the jacket Also, the hood features a contrasting seam across its outer shell. In addition, the PPS version of the N3B features an embroidered patch on the right sleeve and a flight tag plus pencil box on the left sleeve.


- Upper: 2Tone Nylon

- Fit: Regular Fit

- Print

- Contrast zips and seams

- Embroidered patch


- Outer fabric: 100% Nylon | Lining: 100% Nylon | Padding: 100% Polyester

Alpha Industries
Jacket PPS N3B Black/Refl.
Jacket PPS N3B Black/Refl. L
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Jacket PPS N3B Black/Refl. XL
Veličina odjeće: XL
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2.199,00 kn
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2.199,00 kn
1.979,10 kn
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