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Alpha Industries Jacket | N3B

The N3B is another Evergreen Alpha. The jacket is the successor to the N3, a classic military jacket with a US Air Force hood since 1945. Ten years later, the N3B was issued to give air force pilots even better protection against the cold (of course, flying is hard enough, without chattering teeth). As an authentic alpha product, this jacket comes in rugged Flight nylon, including nylon batting and lining. The materials used are ideal for weather protection: Your Instagram game or in front of old industrial plants and orphaned warehouses is therefore no longer dependent on the weather (you should still after the shaky steel beams be careful, as well as a tip). The N3B also has a large, lined Mouton hood. Synthetic fur that is attached to the hood can be removed effortlessly. The four front pockets offer plenty of space for your belongings, and the zipper can be protected by a cover. The jacket is also carried in our spacious Fit core, which gives you plenty of space for just about anything (or nothing). Some call it the N3B snorkel jacket: a zipped extended hood. If you are not just a small hole for outdoor observation remains. You know how they say: There is no bad weather, just bad clothes.

Alpha Industries
Jacket N3B Puffer FD titan
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