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Početna Proizvodi Muška roba Jakne Hooded Leather Jacket SPIKE

A natural leather jacket with a hood SPIKE is a great suggestion for a transition period for every guy full of testosterone! For centuries men have been wearing leather. Once you had to hunt a mammoth for this purpose, today you can buy a selected model from the Pitbull West Coast collection! The SPIKE jacket has a detachable hood, thanks to which it will fit both sports and elegant styles. For work, for a date and for a party - in the fall, early winter and spring it is worth having it in your closet!

Pit Bull West Coast
Hooded Leather Jacket SPIKE
Veličina odjeće: XL
2.400,00 kn
1.440,00 kn
2.400,00 kn
1.440,00 kn
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