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Početna Muška roba Čarape Graphic AOP Socks 3-Pack mix
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Graphic AOP Socks 3 Pak - mix color socks package - Alpha Industries

If you wear clothes made by Alpha Industries, it is essential that you feel the same comfort and quality on your feet as on your outerwear.

In order to meet customer needs, Alpha also places great emphasis on the production of accessories. One such additional product is the Alpha sock, which, thanks to its 100% cotton content, is especially recommended for sensitive to sensitive feet. Comfortable to wear even in summer heat.
The Alpha sock has a long leg that ends in rubber, so it holds well on the foot and protects our lower leg thanks to the high leg. The embroidered Alpha logo can be seen on the side of the socks.

Pay attention to the right size choice, as a well-fitting sock protects the foot from rubbing the shoe, thus providing a comfortable feeling. For the sake of our health, we always choose socks that are suitable for the weather and our foot size.

•. . . 100% cotton

Alpha Industries
Graphic AOP Socks 3-Pack mix
Veličina dodatka: 43-46
229,00 kn
206,10 kn
229,00 kn
206,10 kn
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